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CAPP Records Inc.
CAPP Records Inc. represents & produces all styles of premium quality music, whether it be today's EDM (electro house, techno, trance & dubstep) to pop/rock, country/blues, chillout, orchestrated hybrids or even new age/soundscapes; we've got you covered for all your project needs.
CAPP Classics
CAPP Classics is your premium one-stop boutique music catalog featuring original artist recordings dating from the 2000's all the way back to the early 1920's. That's over 80 years of authentic music in all genres you can find right here at your fingertips..
CAPP Jingles
CAPP Jingles is your one-stop licensing source for advertisement cues; whether it's television, film, video games, or trailers; we have our own full in-house production dept. regularly developing & custom writing all styles of music for our clients.
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About Us
CAPP Records Inc. is your one-stop licensing source for television, film, video games and advertisements.

If you're a Film/TV music supervisor, a creative director at an ad agency or a trailer production company; our aim is to provide you with premium, brilliantly suited tracks to help make your project a hit - while doing so in a most efficient, economical and hassle-free way.

Whether it's today's music, yesterday's or tomorrows; we represent over 80 years of premium recording artists while our in-house production dept. produces custom quality tailored music cues for our client's advertising needs.


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